The image is the iconic Dr. Spock of the StarTrek television and movie series. StarTrek popularized Dr. Spock as being totally logical, a consequence of him being a (half)Vulcan, a planetary culture that recognizes logic but not emotion. Um, the StarTrek scripts are not necessarily logical.

This section includes five different iconic approaches to logic, showing that even abstract thinking can be grounded in physical illustration and concrete experience.




Section Contents

The Iconic Logic page provides an introduction to this new form of logic and of rational thinking.

Laws of Form is Spencer Brown’s seminal work on the algebra of containers applied to logic.

Boundary Logic introduces many elaborations, refinements, and applications of Laws of Form.

Diagrammatic Logic discusses the other iconic approaches that have influenced the development of logic throughout history.

Boolean Cubes show logical concepts as configurations of cubes in two and three dimensions.

Semiconductor Logic introduces an application area that includes many of the most difficult commercial logic problems and is a fertile ground for exploring the power of iconic techniques.