Iconic Arithmetic The Book

Iconic Arithmetic   The Book

The Image is the cover of Iconic Arithmetic: The Design of Mathematics for Human Understanding, the book version of much of the content on this website. This book is the first volume of three and is not yet published. The first part of Iconic Arithmetic describes Ensemble Arithmetic and depth-value notation. The second longer part describes James Arithmetic, which expresses all the rules and operations of standard arithmetic using three simple axioms.

Here the book has been divided in two segments. It has been designed for two-page layout, with a distinct right and left page format. Please set your PDF viewer (probably Acrobat) for View>PageDisplay>TwoPageView.




The Iconic Arithmetic Volume I First and Last selection includes the contents, preface, bibliography and index of Iconic Arithmetic Volume I, as well as Chapters 1,5 and 15. Chapter 5 includes the axiomatic basis of all systems described in the three volumes.



The Middle selection includes the technical details of the two systems explored in Iconic Arithmetic Volume I. The Middle content is not included herein, its contents describe both ensemble arithmetic and James arithmetic and algebra in a diversity of iconic forms. Chapters 2-4 introduce ensemble arithmetic with depth-value notation. Chapters 6-14 introduce James arithmetic and its relationship to the arithmetic of numbers.



The entire Iconic Arithmetic Volume I book is now available for sale in two formats: a bound softcover physical book and an electronic PDF file. The prices are intended only to cover my overhead. All transactions are via the PayPal button below. Thanks!

Publication Format

Publication Format



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